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Two women filed slip-and-fall cases

WINFIELD – The CAMC Teays Valley Hospital, Inc. is the core of a lawsuit filed by a Kanawha County woman for alleged injuries done to a family member while being a patient in the hospital. According to a complaint filed on January 11, 20122 at the Putnam Circuit Court, a patient  identified as Ruby Shumate

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Colorado high court upholds $10 million award in slip-and-fall

A $10 million award to a truck driver who said she slipped and fell on ice and grease while making a delivery to a Wal-Mart in Greeley was upheld by the Colorado Supreme Court. Wal-mart had appealed the award for 41-year-old Holly Averyt of Cheyenne that was awarded by a jury last year. The original

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Slip-Fall Injuries Can Ruin Your Holiday Party

Yuletide season is obviously the best time to give parties. To share jolly time with friends, you are going to hold a party. As a party host, your desire is to hold a successful celebration with all good cheers that come with the occasion. However, on the way to your place, someone slips and falls

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Slips, Trips, and Falls in Construction

Whether you are at home or involved in construction, you only need to look around for the potential of slipping, tripping and falling. It seems that slips and falls are facts of life and nothing can be done about them. While it is true that slips, trips and falls cannot be eliminated but it can

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Slips, Trips & Falls

According to the studies made on walking, the average person performs approximately 18,000 steps every day. While there are nearly 13 million slip, trip and fall injuries that happens every year. Deplorable results are: lost workdays, broken bones, bad backs, even permanent disability and death. Prevention is possible to avoid being victims of painful injuries

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Trips should be focus, rather than slips

Canadian researchers are warning all home care staff that they must be more aware of the risk of older patients who are subject to tripping and falling. They said that the most common cause is getting their feet caught on table legs or chairs. The first part of this objective, real-life research analyzing the circumstances

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Slip and Fall Hazards in the Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen employees are facing slip and fall hazards every day due to the ubiquitous grease and water on the dish room floor or a mat with an upturned corner and lots of others. Both managers and employees alike can reduce the risk by being vigilant and adopting proper cleaning practices. OSHA also required standards

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The high cost of slip and falls

Aside from wet or damp floors, there are other causes of slip, trip and fall accidents within working facility. The presence of clutter, footwear and even improper cleaning are also hazards for both employees and occupants of the building. In fact, according to reports, 50 % of accidents in facilities are due to the type

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Slip and fall injuries

There are many instances of slips and falls that occur daily in our environment. If the accident is not our fault, then it is our legal right to seek compensation from the person who caused our injuries. As all property owners, whether public or private, must by law ensure their properties are free of trip hazards, then it is even more important that we ensure our rights by claiming compensation when a property owner is negligent.

Every year, there are approximately 822 fatalities, along with numerous severe injuries (Source: OSHA). Often, it is not the victim’s fault, as many of these fatalities and injuries do not occur in one’s own backyard but take place on property belonging to someone else. A victim may encounter obstacles that are both a hazard and present a danger. When an accident victim slips and falls on someone else’s property and it is not their fault then they might be entitled to compensation from the property owner.

How to Win a Slip and Fall Settlement

Slip and fall accidents are some One of the most common injuries in today’s justice systems is the slip-and-fall accident. Dealing with this issue is quite complicated as some of the aspects of slip-and-fall accidents are difficult to resolve. An injury lawyer will help you settle the case. Here are some of the best advices

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