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The True Cost Of Slip and Fall Accidents

Summer is almost here. It’s the season for attending parties, going on road trips, frolicking at the beach and pigging out on barbecue. However, summer is also the season of hot weather, heat waves and dehydration which could increase the chances of a slip and fall accident and result in a serious injury. However, the

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Slip and fall at Hammels kills vet in wake of Sandy

Sandy was gone so Albert McSwain and his daughter wanted to get some air and view what’s outside. But after and daughter encountered a pitch-black stairwell slick with water, so McSwain’s daughter, Allison McSwain-Lockett, went back to get better navigate their way outside from the fourth floor in the Hammels Houses. When Allison came back,

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Shoppers ring up $100m in Shop Claims

More than $100 million a year are claimed by shoppers through personal injury payouts from supermarkets after slipping in their aisles. One grocery outlet reported that it has more than $50 million worth of claims currently on its books  rising by 300% from 2004. Personal injury lawyers substantiated the claim that the number of injured

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