Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction

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Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction

A construction site poses serious threats capable of resulting in a slip, trip and fall accident.  There are tools, ladders, grease and oil, nuts and bolts that may be strewn about or not properly put away.  Although everyone has a responsibility to clean up on a construction site, it is seldom guaranteed to be perfectly free from clutter.

All personnel on construction job sites have their own responsibilities.  Employees must report all existing hazards to supervisors.  There are all sorts of potential hazards ranging from electric cables, tool boxes, lumber and other equipment that may cause an accident.  Employees, supervisors and contractors are generally required to wear proper headgear and footwear to prevent injuries.  All areas of the site should be well lit, and burnt out bulbs should be replaced immediately.

Here are some tips to help prevent construction site slip, trip and fall accidents:

  • Keep floors and ground areas free from slippery liquid substances
  • Ensure all areas are properly lit
  • Require all personnel to wear appropriate headgear and footwear
  • Require daily, systematic cleaning procedures and protocol
  • Strictly enforce safe handling of all equipment

Safety on the jobsite is both an individual and collaborative effort.  The list of techniques to keep your work area safe is endless.  Using caution in all aspects of your work is common sense and goes without saying.  However, accidents often defy common sense and can result in serious injury.

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