Philadelphia Side Walk Slip and Fall Accidents

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Philadelphia Side Walk Slip and Fall Accidents

Did You Get Injured Due to a badly Maintained Sidewalk ? You Might Have A Case.

If you are an avid walker, jogger, or bike rider, sidewalks and curbs are usually your best friend, but can also be a hazardous area resulting in a slip, trip and fall.  A sidewalk or curb may not have been maintained in its proper condition, therefore presenting a hazard to your daily activities.  Being involved in an accident on a sidewalk or a curb can result in a serious injury, but also a much different legal battle.

Sidewalks and curbs are generally maintained by and within the control of local governments, and making a legal claim against the local authority can be much more difficult than suing an individual or a business.  There may be alternative deadlines within which a claim must be filed, or a different procedure to be followed in order to ensure a claim can be heard.  Otherwise, local governments may be held harmless and you may lose a claim for your injury

An attorney experienced with litigation against the government can help you avoid the numerous obstacles and pitfalls you will likely encounter.  Do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss how we can help enforce your legal rights. Call Us immediately for a FREE consultation to discuss your case and your rights.