$520,000 settlement for Philly woman

Winning a high amount of settlement for a slip and fall case is no easy task but a Philadelphia plaintiff who was injured in a slip and fall accident has successfully negotiated for a settlement of $520,000. Tanya Davis filed a claim against 1900 Chestnut Street Corporation and others in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court in June of 2012.

Based on court documents, the claimant was injured on January 22 of 2012 in the façade of Q’Doba Mexican Restaurant. While walking in front of the resto; she slipped and fell on ice that was left accumulating along the way. Davis filed a claim suit versus Fresh Foods, Q’Doba Mexican Grill located at the intersection of Chestnut and 19th Streets in Philadelphia and LP Chestnut Square Associates for injuries she sustained.

According to the law in Pennsylvania, every landowners and business operator are mandated to look after the safety of their business visitor not only against existing dangers but also against risks that with sensible care he might be exposed.

The deposition testimony stated that plaintiff Davis was not warned of the presence of the piling of ice in front of the Defendant’s restaurant. Not knowing the danger lurking along the way, she slipped and fell suffering a serious injury of her left ankle as a consequence of her fall. She has to face exorbitant expenses for a required surgery essential to repair the fracture; doctors told her that she will need another surgery in the future to remove the metal that was placed to support her broken bones.

Davis, prior to the accident, was working as emergency room nurse serving two local hospitals. She enjoyed her work as well as her free time but on account of her accident, she was unable to work for several months and her career as a floor nurse will be limited due to her impairment. She further testified that the ongoing pain and complications arising from her injuries continue to affect in a negative way her day to day life as her ability to participate in physical activities has been severely limited.

Her personal injury attorney was able to negotiate for a successful settlement over ruling the Defendants very low initial settlement offer. The arguments and evidences of her legal counsel merited more than half million dollars settlement. This case has a happy ending for her personal injury lawyers successfully negotiated a whopping $520,000 settlement for her who was injured in a slip and fall accident. 

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall, don’t delay in contacting us. It is crucial to get this type of claim started in a timely manner, because evidence can often disappear or be covered up in the aftermath of a slip and fall. Contact your slip and fall attorneys  and he/she will want to get started right away in order to collect evidence and interview witnesses before they begin to forget. In addition, there are also strict deadlines for filing a slip and fall claim no matter where you live.

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