Customer sued Home Depot Store for fall injury

Darleen Cook, a resident in Swedesboro, N.J., filed a suit at the Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s District Court last April versus a Home Depot in Clifton Heights, Delco. , based in Atlanta due to injuries she sustained on Sept. 8, 2012, at this home store.

Plaintiff sustained cracked pelvis and other injuries after she slipped on a collection of water that pooled at the entry of a Home Depot store in suburban Philadelphia.

Cook claimed she was injured after she slipped from a large quantity of water that had collected at the entrance after a heavy rainfall.

Complaint Cook narrated that on that day, she went to the home improvement retailer, walked up to the front entrance after she was dropped off by her husband in the parking lot to keep from getting drenched.

Before the entrance, she slipped on the standing water, fell to the ground and experienced general pain to her neck and back, including a herniated disc and fractured sacrum.

Cook enumerated a series of woes following the accident. She had to undergo substantial physical testing and expensive treatment, aside from the amount to pay for her daily medication, physical therapy and other therapeutic care that she used up all her savings.

Due to her inability to walk during her the treatment period, she quit her job and endured financial losses.

The negligence of the defendant was obvious as employees were aware that it was raining that was a continuation of the day before but despite the water collection problem, nobody did anything to remediate the water or post warning signs of its danger.

Moreover, the products sold in Home Depot could have corrected the hazard; giving them no excuse for lacking resources to remedy the  the lawsuit states, meaning there was no excuse for the floor to become slippery like it did on that day.

The risk of serious bodily injury to patrons is imminent as the material of the floors is made of some composite similar in hardness to concrete. Patrons could suffer broker bones, fractured skull and brain damage from a fall, as fortunately did  not happen to plaintiff.

Plaintiff stated that right after the accident; employees started mopping the floor, placing mats on the wet area and posting signs to warn customers about the slippery surface.

Plaintiff claimed compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $150,000.

Gender-wise, slip-and-fall does not show much discrepancy between men and women; but women experienced more slip-and-fall accidents. According to the statistics from the Bureau of Labor, 5% of the job-related fatalities are due to slip-and-fall in women compared to about 11% for the men.
If you have been the victim of a slip and fall, don’t delay in contacting us. It is crucial to get this type of claim started in a timely manner, because evidence can often disappear or be covered up in the aftermath of a slip and fall. Contact your accident lawyer and he/she will want to get started right away in order to collect evidence and interview witnesses before they begin to forget. In addition, there are also strict deadlines for filing a slip and fall claim no matter where you live.
Source: Penn Record Com


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