Exercising is the Best Option for seniors to Reduce Fall Risks

Exercising is the Best Option for seniors to Reduce Fall Risks 

WINCHESTER, VA – Old age is risky to the life and limbs of seniors as it is a fact that from above the age of 65, an individual is more prone to fall accidents.

Carl Hess, a resident at Westminster Canterbury said that if not for his back exercises he would have become crippled. Hess is faithful in doing a treadmill everyday for several hours and his basic reason, as everybody else is to stay healthy.
Westminster Canterbury residence offers seniors a variety of exercise programs with the intention of reducing accidents.

Resident wellness manager Kathy Headley stated that any kind of exercise not using toy apparatus, like water is fantastic for old folks as it alleviates knee replacements, hip replacements, and any kind of joint pain.

It takes a long time for bone fractures to heal, much more for senior citizens. A group of older women with bone fractures prefer to dive into the pool early in the morning and it has changed their lives.

June Hess, a resident, claimed that when she came, she was suffering from bad knees as she underwent knee replacement in the past. She had difficulty in walking and now she feels fine.
Lydia Meffor, another resident added that she has been doing the exercises for three years and she has no problem walking

Seniors have all the option whether to stroll in the pool or do some simple leg workouts. They all have one thing in common, to eliminate the pain from walking and running.

Cathy Farmer, an administrator of Westminster Canterbury, proudly commented that the residents of the house has greatly improved in their ability to walk, exercise and the risks of accidents are lowered.

In fact, many seniors in Westminster do not consider aging a bad time.

One resident, Bill Davis, summarized it all – Relax. Live. Enjoy yourself. It’s time to enjoy yourself early. He said that he is able to stay in shape even while getting older and stays happy which is the key to living a healthy life.

For those who are interested in joining the Westminster Canterbury retirement community and share their exercise programs, connect with them online.

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