Phila man sued US Postal Service after icy fall

Icy path that collected near a city post office mailbox caused a man from Philadelphia to be severely injured.

The injured man identified as Glen Guy filed a personal injury claim at the U.S. District Court at Pa.s’ Eastern District versus the U.S. Postal Service alleging that after his fall, he remained unconscious for about a minute and his injury needed medical care. Early February last year, he fell along a patch of ice on the steps going to a mailbox placed outside of the postal building located at number 2601 N. 16th St. in Philadelphia.

The plaintiff claimed that he was injured while he was walking the steps to the mailboxes that were not properly maintained by the Postal Service.

Guy tripped and fell backward and was rendered unconscious for almost a minute. He was transported by ambulance to the University Hospital of Temple where he was sustained with a rib and right-sided pneumothorax fractures.

After he was diagnosed in the hospital, Guy had chest tube inserted into his right side.

Plaintiff accused the Postal Service of being negligent in their duty to care for the safety of the area around the outside mailboxes clear from ice and other dangerous conditions.

His legal counsel showed that resulting from the direct and proximate breach of defendant Postal Service as described herein, Guy sustained serious physical and mental pain and discomfort. Likewise, he incurred exorbitant medical expenses in being treated for his injuries.

Guy is seeking for a compensatory damage amounting to $150,000.

In the history of Pennsylvania, winter of 2013-2014 was in the top 10 of snowiest in the region. More than 63.3 inches of snow fell during the official winter season, so far above the average yearly fall of 41.9. With plenty of icy sidewalks in the counties, motorists and pedestrians along the roads and pathways were exposed to slip and fall accidents.

Property owner’s is obligated to remove snow and ice from their premise that is mandated by municipal ordinances. The job of maintaining safety can be delegated to a property manager or leaseholder; however, it is the owner who remains liable when someone gets hurt. Homeowners are always reminded to clear sidewalks for mail carriers to pass safely but has the U.S. Postal Service been ignoring its own advice?

This time, USPS is the defendant for a liability lawsuit from an individual who was injured on his way to the Philadelphia post office.

Plaintiff is being represented by an attorney from the prestigious office.

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