Slip-and-fall in a grocery store

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Slip-and-fall in a grocery store

Philadelphia A Kroger grocery store in Georgia was defendant to a slip and fall claim after a costumer fell on a slippery wet floor and injured both knees and her wrist. The wrist was never healed and it soon turned into a painful disabling condition that she was forced to resign from her job as hairdresser to a beauty. She filed a suit against Kroger and received a compensation of $2.8 million.

Receiving such a whopping amount makes many people consider if they can find a slippery floor somewhere and earn millions. Lots of people think that winning a lawsuit is just like winning a lottery.

The question is – does every slip and fall in a grocery store automatically get paid?

Filing a lawsuit is not an adequate reason to proof that you got hurt; the main core is to prove that the other party was negligent. Meanwhile, it is a fact that every retail store and supermarket spends huge sums for advertisement inviting you and the populace to buy their stuff; this adds the highest degree of obligation for them to guaranty the safety of their place. Plaintiff must prove reasonably that he/she has been hurt by the negligent action.

For instance, you are in a grocery reaching something on the top shelf and stood in your cart to get it, defendant will probably show that it was your own fault not negligence on their part. Or you spill a liquid on the floor on purpose to slip on it, they have surveillance cameras to prove that you acted fraudulently and  you will end up being sued.

The best option is to know that the law is there to protect you, as well as your duty to protect yourself.

However, if you slip, fall, or otherwise get injured in a store, through no fault of your own, you have a valid legal claim against that business. Whether it is a gigantic chain like Wal-Mart or Target; a grocery chain like Kroger or Safeway; or just a local independent retailer; as long as it is a business inviting the public onto its premises, they are obligated to provide certain steps to keep customers safe and away of harm’s way.

Therefore, customers injured in slip and fall accidents happening on the store premises, have a valid legal claim to file for damages. However, this case may not always be a smooth one.

The core of the matter is that any store that welcomes customers onto its property has a duty to keep people reasonably safe. If it is an “unreasonable” condition that causes the fall, it can lead to a legitimate injury claim against the store.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall, don’t delay in contacting us. It is crucial to get this type of claim started in a timely manner, because evidence can often disappear or be covered up in the aftermath of a slip and fall. Contact your accident lawyer and he/she will want to get started right away in order to collect evidence and interview witnesses before they begin to forget. In addition, there are also strict deadlines for filing a slip and fall claim no matter where you live.
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