Slip-and-fall for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are often blamed for accidents that happened to them. But if you ask older adults what are their biggest fears; many will say that their greatest fear has to do with falling. In fact, many have already experienced falling, while others are witnessed to friend or family member who suffered a fall and its painful or sometimes life-threatening consequences.

Research revealed that more than one-third of older Americans experienced some kind of fall each year. Of these, more than 10,000 do not survive the fall. In addition, 20% to 30% of elderly people who fall suffer from moderate to severe injuries, thus making it difficult for them to recover.

Not all of these accidents happen in the home. It can happen anywhere:  in slippery sidewalks at a restaurant, wet floors in a grocery store or even a pile of boxes in the aisle of a favorite retail store. Any venue can be a hazard. It all happens in an instant, and the next thing the victim is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital instead of sitting down to a nice dinner or enjoying an afternoon of shopping.The common areas for falls are generally found anywhere along these places: doorways, stairs, areas with clutter, ladders, unguarded/un-railed heights and poorly lit areas.

One example where a senior did not survive the fall happened in May of 2013. An elderly person was found dead along the area used in filming the Biggest Loser. The fatality was known to have been a resident in a house several blocks from the area where the TV show was filming. Authorities believed that he was walking along the wet grass, slipped and fell in the lake.

Another example happened in 2009, when a male senior citizen was recuperating from a bout of pneumonia was discovered inside his room sporting a wide laceration on his forehead and a broken neck. He was probably going to the bathroom without assistance and he tripped and fell along the way.

It is important to closely monitor and evaluate the health and safety of a senior citizen once he/she has already suffered a slip and fall accident.  These senior citizens are prone to higher danger of sustaining critical fractures as hip fractures following a slip-and-fall mishap. These injuries may not only substantially reduce the enjoyment of living for the elderly adult but may also intensify the likelihood of dying.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall, don’t delay in contacting us. It is crucial to get this type of claim started in a timely manner, because evidence can often disappear or be covered up in the aftermath of a slip and fall. Contact your slip and fall attorneys  and he/she will want to get started right away in order to collect evidence and interview witnesses before they begin to forget. In addition, there are also strict deadlines for filing a slip and fall claim no matter where you live.

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