Stop Slip and Fall Accidents in Shops

Stop Slip and Fall Accidents in Grocery and Convenience Stores

About more than one million emergency room visits annually are accounted for by the slips and falls which occur while shopping. The most common venues being the grocery or convenience store. It is a fact that about 100,000 Americans are visiting convenience stores every day. In this venue, people are so engrossed thinking of their purchases that they rarely think about slipping and falling while shopping.

However, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, more than a million emergency room cases are caused by falls and slips while the person is shopping and making purchases in convenience stores.

By being aware of the many falls and slip hazards lurking in the grocery and convenience stores, shoppers will be able to avoid them

1. Slippery Floors and Fallen Display Items – As you walk along the aisle, look down and scan the floor for potential danger. Sometimes, there are liquids and hard good items accidentally spilled by delivery boys, children and other shoppers. Such can be the cause of unsuspecting shoppers to slip;

2. High Shelving in Warehouse Stores – Shoppers maybe seriously injured when large items from crammed tall shelves fall on shoppers which can cause serious injuries;

3. Malfunctioning and Improperly Used Shopping Carts – Many children and adults need treatment from tripping behind these carts or the young ones are likely to fall out of them. Other shoppers and their kids lacerate or broke fingers (and even toes) from improper use of these carts;

4. Broken Glass and Toxic Substances. Most of the time, store managers and employees walk down store aisles looking for dangerous situations; but still, many shoppers get cut on broken glass bottles left in aisles – or they slip from lighter fluid, antifreeze and other liquid car products that have spilled onto floors. So shoppers should  not wear flip flops or open sandals while shopping in grocery;

4. Poorly Managed Open Food Counters. Shoppers can easily slip from all kinds of meats, vegetables, salads and other foods routinely falling from these counter; and

5. Improper or Infrequent Floor Cleaning. Large grocery store chains schedule are regularly clean and maintained by their staff. Some do not clean thoroughly and leave dirty floor surfaces that cause unsuspecting customers to fall.

Every time, you go shopping, be sure to remember that these floor surface and other general dangers are lurking while you go inside food stores. Do not be included in the statistics of those thousands of people who are seriously injured by slipping and falling in these places each year.
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