The Bathroom Is the Most Dangerous Room in Your Home

Home owners would always claim that the most dangerous room in the house is the kitchen. This is the place where the stove spark fires or gas leaks that lead to deadly explosions and some living room glass tables have been known to spontaneously fracture. It does sound scary enough. Well, those aren’t the most dangerous situations you could find inside your home.

The room where people at home are most at risk of injury (or even death) is the bathroom.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 235,000 people from age 15 or older are sent to the hospital each year after being injured in a bathroom. More than a third of those injuries happen while bathing or showering, and more than 14% happen while using a toilet.

It was discovered that 4 out of 5 of those injuries occurred in falls, with 14 % of those injured needing to be hospitalized as a result.

The CDC also reported that the leading cause of injury deaths among senior citizens is falling, and in 2008, more than 19,700 seniors died after unintentional falls

Bathroom floors becoming slippery after a shower or bath, this is the reason why the bathroom can be a dangerous place. However it was also found that people from ages 15 to 24 are most likely to be injured near a bathtub or shower. People from age 85 and older suffer more than half of their bathroom injuries near the toilet.

Last month, a woman in San Diego slipped in a shower, fell out of her second-floor bathroom window and landed at the bottom of a light shaft some 6 to 8 feet below ground level. Also last year, rocker Steven Tyler had to call off an Aerosmith concert after he fell in a hotel bathroom and cracked his teeth, requiring emergency dental work.

There are useful tips to prevent bathroom injuries. Install grab bars that to the wall which are handy to get support when raising up from the toilet, for example. You can also make use of shower chairs or transfer benches are also a great way to keep from falling on a slippery floor. Transfer benches are wide chairs that allow you to scoot from inside a tub to the outside; some even have sliding seats.

Judy A. Stevens, a CDC epidemiologist told Mother Nature Network that installing grab bars by the toilet would be helpful for people in their older years, and everyone would benefit from having grab bars both inside the tub or shower and where you get in and out.” Judy A. Stevens, a CDC epidemiologist,

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