The True Cost Of Slip and Fall Accidents

Summer is almost here. It’s the season for attending parties, going on road trips, frolicking at the beach and pigging out on barbecue. However, summer is also the season of hot weather, heat waves and dehydration which could increase the chances of a slip and fall accident and result in a serious injury. However, the truth is that slip and fall accidents don’t just happen during the summer, they happen all year long. But due to the everyday nature of the event, many victims overlook the serious threat it poses to their health and livelihood.

Home and business owners should be on the lookout for potential slip and fall factors in their homes and places of business. The hidden cost of this kind of accident can be great. Victims could be family members, visitors, customers or employees. In other words, it could be anybody. Everybody should realize that the hidden cost of slip and fall accidents can be felt in lost wages, lowered productivity and medical expenses which could range from a visit to a doctor or a potential long term disability.

Statistics provided by the National Safety Council indicate that 8.9 million Americans visit the emergency room each year due to slip and fall accidents. This has cost the American health care system an estimated $30 billion each year. In 2009 the CDC reported that 25,000 people died resulting from injuries sustained in a slip and fall.

The CDC also states that senior citizens are more at risk compared to the general population. According to their report, 1 in 3 Americans over 65 will suffer from a slip and fall injury. Of these victims 20 to 30% will experience injuries that will prevent them from living independently.

Teenagers and young adults are also at risk as slip and fall can occur in the work place. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that while this type of accident is not the leading cause of death while at work, it is the leading cause for worker’s compensation claims and lead to the most lost days from work.

Falls and slips usually happen in these areas:

  • Wet Areas
  • Ramps and unguarded heights
  • Doorways
  • Hallways and walking areas
  • Stairs

The National Safety Council recommends the following solutions to cut down slip and fall accidents:

  • Install hand rails on staircases
  • Clean spills immediately and clearly mark wet areas
  • Keep hallways and walkways clear from obstructions like cords, furniture, toys
  • Keep hallways and walkways lighted
  • Mark danger or accident prone areas

Many slip and fall accidents can cause injuries which translate to thousands of dollars in medical treatments. In some cases the accident can cause a permanent disability to enjoy life. The worst case scenario is death.

Slip and fall accidents can be prevented especially if property owners and individuals work together to ensure safety. But if it does happen, it’s best to consult a slip and fall attorney and seek advice. He can help determine whether you are entitled to a claim. This money could be used to cover medical expenses, wages lost due to injuries and other expenses that could crop up due to injuries sustained.

If you or a loved has suffered due to negligence you may wish to consult with Philly Slip And Injury Lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Please note strict deadline and apply for it is in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately

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