Trip-and fall settlement in the airport

An individual maybe injured anywhere and anytime when least expected.  A 62-years-old woman from Fulton County woman was in the victim of a trip-and-fall incident at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

It happened way back March of 2010 while she was approaching an escalator inside the airport. She tripped over a metal frame of another escalator that was removed for maintenance by the escalator repairmen and fell on the floor. The maintenance crew of the escalator company did not place a cordon to block off the area. The victim could not have tripped had they placed cones or other warning devices around it. The woman suffered critical injuries on her back, hip, and knee.

After she contacted an injury lawyer, she learned that she had a good chance of getting a punitive compensation as the repairman of the escalator was responsible in creating the hazardous condition and made no effort to warn properly the public of the condition. A lawsuit was filed against the repair company. The repair crew had the duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining, managing, and repairing the escalator and nearby area. Due to their failure, the victim was not only injured but she incurred exorbitant medical expenses and missed work from her injuries.

Premises liability claims are typically complex cases as it involves proving negligence. It must first be proven that the owner of the property owner has previous knowledge of the dangerous condition that resulted to the injury of another person. A successful premises liability claim must also prove that the victim was not aware of the presence of injury-causing condition. These are the complex requirements to claim a premises liability injury case successfully. The sooner the case is filed, the better the expectation for success. Time is important as evidence and implicating evidence tends to disappear quickly in these types of incidents.

Every owner of property is responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment; consequently and accident or injury occurring in the property makes them entirely liable for the damage. The kinds of incidents resulting in premises liability claims are varied, ranging from a slip and fall on a public sidewalk to an injury suffered on any part of the building.

Of course, the specific state’s laws and procedures where the injury happened determined the liability. In most states, the court determined liability after focusing on the status of the injured visitor or on the property condition or the activities of both the owner and visitor.

If liability is proven, through the assistance of the legal counsel, then the plaintiff will be given a fair settlement.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall, don’t delay in contacting us. It is crucial to get this type of claim started in a timely manner, because evidence can often disappear or be covered up in the aftermath of a slip and fall. Contact your slip and fall attorneys and he/she will want to get started right away in order to collect evidence and interview witnesses before they begin to forget. In addition, there are also strict deadlines for filing a slip and fall claim no matter where you live.


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