Two women filed slip-and-fall cases

WINFIELD – The CAMC Teays Valley Hospital, Inc. is the core of a lawsuit filed by a Kanawha County woman for alleged injuries done to a family member while being a patient in the hospital.

According to a complaint filed on January 11, 20122 at the Putnam Circuit Court, a patient  identified as Ruby Shumate was admitted to CAMC Teays Valley complaining of difficulty of breathing and was confined for treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

During Shumate’s admission in the facility, her companion Phyllis D. Lester claimed that the patient slipped and fell that resulted to a fracture on the patient’s left ankle. The plaintiff blamed the hospital for negligence and carelessness

The defendant stated that due to the neglect and lack of concern for its premises, Shumate was subject to additional harm and injury.

Lester claimed that the hospital had a duty to provide considerable care and safety in addition to their service to admitted patience as Shumate. CAMC Teays Valley was not showing responsibility for the safety and care of patients when Shumate was injured in a fall in their premise.

Lester blamed CAMC for failure to guarantee an environment which is free of any kind of accidents, risks and for non-compliance of providing its staff training in the adequate supervision and assistance to prevent people, especially patients to fall and get injured.

According to the suit, the defendant failed to monitor closely the condition of Shumate and to provide an alarm on bed for safety measure, Lester is asking compensation for damages. She had hired the service of a slip-and-fall injury lawyer while the case is under the helm of Circuit Judge Phillip Stowers.

CAMC Teays Valley Hospital, located in WV Hurricane, is non-profit hospital with occupancy of 70-beds and maintains more than 100 doctors. Aside from the physicians, it has 400 nurses and clinical staff. CAMC looks after the medical needs of Putnam County and neighboring areas.

Last week of December, a woman from St. Alban filed a suit against KC Properties, LLC, after she suffered a slip-and-fall injury because of their carelessness in providing safe walkways on their property.

Named defendant of the suit is Kevin L. Childers, who is considered as an individual, owner, manager, agent, servant and/or employee of KC Properties, LLC.

According to a complaint filed Dec. 11 in Kanawha Circuit Court, before Dec. 13, 2010, the defendants had some earth removed near a sidewalk to even the ground at a rental unit of St. Alban. Due to neglect, they did not fill the area back in with dirt and did not post signs or barriers giving warning of the danger.

Loretta Jean Sanson claims on Dec. 13, 2010, there was ice and snow all over the property where she slipped and fell. She could have been spared the injury, if the defendant was responsible enough to post warning signs of the presence of danger.

Sanson claimed that she slipped and fell on the ground and sustained severely and permanently injuries and incurred medical expenses which are all caused by neglect. As a result of the fall, she endured physical and mental anguish, losing the capacity to enjoy life to the fullest, lost wages and the ability to earn a livelihood and suffered other impairments and disabilities.

.She is confident that her slip-=and-fall legal counsel will be able to convince the court that she deserved the compensation she claimed. The case will be handled by Circuit Judge Louis H. Bloom.

Records showed that KC Properties LLC is not accredited by the BBB.

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