What is a Slip and Fall Accident ?

Slip and fall accidents are categorized under the legal theory called premises liability.

Property owners are responsible for keeping their buildings and surrounding areas safe and free from hazards.  Owners who fail to meet the appropriate standards of safety put you at risk of being injured.  Whether you are a customer in a grocery store or a guest in a residential building, you are at risk of being injured as a result of the owner’s negligence.  The risk of slipping and falling does not discriminate by age or disability, and it becomes more dangerous when you least expect it.

Common Areas for Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Near the entrance/exit, especially when weather conditions can make it wet and slippery
  • Improperly maintained roads and sidewalks that have holes or are unevenly paved
  • Carpeted or rugged areas where the material may be torn or forms a hazardous cluster
  • Poorly lit areas concealing hidden dangers

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