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Slip and Fall Accidents 13 Million injured per year

The slip and fall accident is known to many as an age-old con designed to scam stores and malls out of easy settlement money. But, as Inside Edition reports on Monday, November 11, the majority of falls in stores are genuine, many caused when unsuspecting shoppers encounter slippery floor surfaces. In fact, slips, trips and

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Stop Slip and Fall Accidents in Shops

Stop Slip and Fall Accidents in Grocery and Convenience Stores About more than one million emergency room visits annually are accounted for by the slips and falls which occur while shopping. The most common venues being the grocery or convenience store. It is a fact that about 100,000 Americans are visiting convenience stores every day.

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An Overview of Slip & Fall Accidents and Small Business Owner

A personal injury case is termed as slip and fall in which a person slips or trips and falls, and is injured on someone else’s property. Cases like these are usually categorized under the broader classification known as premises liability claims. The reason is that the slip and fall accidents occur on the property or

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Nursing Care Facilities Warned by OSHA to Watch Their Steps

Fall, slip and fall accidents ranked second to motor vehicle accidents as the cause of accidental death in the United States. Businesses are expecting that soon there will be safer flooring and matting manufactured to reduce these risks. According to OSHA, nursing home or residential care facility is common venue for these hazards to happen.

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